In the fourth centenary of El Greco, and in La Sagra, a part of La Mancha, in the center of Spain, where olive oil culture is frequently related to “cornicabra¨ centenarial olive trees, with the slighly spicy flavor of its oils, a land owner, in love with this área, and linked for generations to El Greco’s work, discovered, that the subtle aroma of Arbequina oil, complemented with a touch of Cornicabra, led to a new coupage, that elevates one step Premium conventional oils.

A team, formed by several top experts in the matter, colaborated to optimize, both, the agricultural strategy, that includes, care, collection, transport and selection of the fruit, as well as oil coupages, to obtain the Gurmoliv oil, a unic blend in the world, awarded in the most important fórums.

the olive grove


At the end of last century, a select group of experts, estudied the different options to be grown at the property: “El Torreon”.

They determined ,that the best one, was olive trees, due to the quality of the land, the topography and climatology of the site.

Preexisting centenarial Cornicabra olive tres, were taken into account.

The most suitable plots were choosed, so, cultivation and recollection of olives, could be made in the best conditions.

As there are not other olive plantations near by, our, is isolated of plagues, so frequents in olive trees. This fact, gives qualities to the fruit, found very seldom in this área.


This kind of olive, was chosed, because of its great apretation in the market.

It is an uncommon option in this área, what makes more special its combination with Cornicabra olive.

As this kind of fruit maturates earlier tan others, helps to avoid frost, and it is easer to find skilled workers for recolection.


These centenial olive trees grown in the property, were completed with a younger plantation of the same kind.

As it is recollected at the same time as Arbequina, it is earlier than average recollection dates, ensuring the exquisit quality of the fruits.


We must highlight the topography and continuity of the property, which is most helpfull for the irrigation design, and agricultural works, both for maintenance and recollection. 


Advice peak

Since its start, Gurmoliv has the best agricutural permanent advice. This team, analizes periodicaly both, land and olive tres.

This allows us, to analize the needs in real time, and choose the apropiate foliar treatment and/or optimal fertilizing.

Maturation is continously monitored

This continously monitoring of fruit evolution, allow us, to choose the proper time for recollection. For this stage, we have working with us a worlwide known expert, who, together with the agricultural team, decide every year, the best moment for the recollection of Premium olives.

Fruit is not hitted

Regarding recollection tecnics, we decided to use vibrators for logs with umbrellas, and not aditional hitting of the tree. It is well known, that other recollection tecnics in intensive or super intensive plantations, use hitting bridge type machines, that hit the fruits, wich leads to a reduction of quality in the final oil.

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The premiun olive, is loaded and trasported in protected containers, never reaching 50cm high. Inmediately after, olives go to the mill for pressing procedure, obtaining a Premium oil within hours after recollection. This oil is decanted and filtered, getting ready to select the blend and proceed to paking.

Without any doubt, this kind of recolection and pressing, determines the quality of obtained oil.

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A worldwide recognized advisor, comes to the property very often from Jaen, and cordinates, decides, and monitorizes, all the activities, both, in the plantation and in the mill, so, quality, consistence, and durability of obtained Premium oil, is guaranteed.

We must also mention, the strict temperature control during pressing procedure, as well as filtering follow up.

However, but the most important part, is without any doubt, the sellection of ideal arbequino/cornicabra coupage, which is choosen as a result of a series of tests and aproximations, leading, each campaing, to get a unique oil, that can meet the most demanding gourmets. .

Our product

Gourmoliv, for 2014/2015 campaing, conmemorating the fourth centenary of EL Greco, is plesed to introduce a Premium oil, blend of two varieties of olives, Arbequina and Cornicabra, from “El Torreon”, canned in ½ liter.

The base, is an Arbequina oil, which is actually most apreciated in the market for its softness and flavours, and it is completed by a Cornicabra touch, that gives to this premiun oil, a touch of flavor tipical from Toledo, and stabilizes the duration of the delicate and fine aromas of the Arbequina.

Oil Gourmoliv